Craig Technologies Founder and CEO Carol Craig was presented with the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce “Innovation and Performance” Award. This category recognizes “contractors who exhibit outstanding innovation and/or performance on a key contract that will significantly bolster their ability to secure future opportunities.
The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce unifies the collective strength of women in the U.S. economy, and the organization’s Women Contractor Awards recognize outstanding performance among WOSB suppliers within the federal contracting arena. Carol accepted the award during a morning ceremony at the USWCC’s National Small Business Federal Spring 2020 Contracting Summit at George Mason University.”
It is Carol’s efforts to help facilitate NASA’s vision of commercialization that is leading the way to new business opportunities. Commercialization of the ISS is a priority for NASA, but they are leaving the details to entrepreneurs like Carol Craig.
Working with the ISS National Lab, Craig produced the CraigX Flight Test Platform (FTP); a proprietary flight test platform designed and manufactured by Craig which mounts externally to the ISS and provides the ability for multiple industries to develop, test, and fly experiments, hardware, materials, and advanced electronics on the ISS at a reduced cost and schedule. CraigX (CX-1) flew to the ISS in early December of 2019 and deployed in space mounted on the exterior of the ISS. It is currently in a 15-week mission, after which the test platform will return to the earth for study. All follow on CraigX missions will consist of 15-24 week testing cycles.
In addition to CraigX, Craig offers Space Station’s Integrated Kinetic Launcher for Orbital Payload Systems (SSIKLOPS). SSIKLOPS is a NASA developed technology platform that robotically deploys satellites from the ISS and is designed to provide a method to transfer internally stowed satellites to the external environment. SSIKLOPS fills the payload deployment gap between small CubeSat launchers and significant payloads by supporting the LEO microsatellite market (50-100kg).
Recognizing an opportunity, Carol submitted an unsolicited proposal to NASA to “commercialize” SSIKLOPS and now has an exclusive 5-year contract with NASA to robotically deploy satellites from the ISS; including commercial and government customers who seek access to LEO for their micro-satellites.
Craig provides turnkey services to manage and execute the successful integration and on-orbit operations of satellite payloads using SSIKLOPS. In January of 2020 Craig deployed the Space Test Program’s STPSat 4 from the ISS.
Carol Craig has invested her time and money into both CraigX and SSIKLOPS. These programs allow access to space at significantly reduced prices compared to other available options. CraigX and SSIKLOPS represent the business opportunity of today. Building on these investments provides the vision for the business to capitalize on the growing commercial space market sector.
Her ability to innovate does not stop with CraigX and SSIKLOPS! She is leveraging the infrastructure and experience of these two commercial space platforms, as well as 20 years of engineering, proprietary technology, and precision manufacturing expertise to launch a satellite constellation. This is an innovative and unique in-orbit modular deployment and testing platform for the Space 2.0 Ecosystem. The constellation opportunity offers clients a customizable, lightweight, low-cost satellite alternative to test one or multiple systems or subsystems of electronics, propulsion, optics, communication, or any other type of innovative technology at a fraction of the cost and a higher refresh rate than all other launch/test options.
This new modular testing platform that addresses critical needs for established and emerging technology companies with customers across Defense, Aerospace, Weather, Agriculture, Energy, Oil & Gas. With their commercial space offerings, Carol has positioned Craig Technologies for securing LEO testing and satellite deployment contracts, as well as future deep space opportunities.
Carol Craig is a risk-taker, a visionary, and an entrepreneur. She puts 150% into pursuing opportunities that expand Craig Technologies and space exploration. Across all aspects of her business she focuses on results for her customers with the statement “Because it’s all about the Mission!” She encourages her employees to be innovative, and they follow her passion and creative spirit.