Craig Technologies is pleased to announce that they are a part of the winning team for the Human Landing System (HLS) contract as a subcontractor to Dynetics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos.

NASA plans to land Americans—including the first woman—on the Moon by 2024 and the Dynetics HLS (DHLS) Integrated Lander is a key component of NASA’s strategy to meet this goal. The DHLS Integrated Lander includes a single element providing the ascent and descent capabilities, with multiple modular propellant vehicles prepositioned to fuel the engines at different points in the mission. The crew cabin sits low to the surface, enabling a short climb for astronauts entering, exiting, or transporting tools and samples. The DHLS systems will get a fuel top-off before descending to the surface. After the surface expedition, the entire vehicle will return for crew transfer back to Orion.

“Craig Technologies is thrilled to be chosen to contribute to NASA’s mission of returning humans to the moon and beyond,” said Founder and CEO of Craig Technologies, Carol Craig.

The Dynetics team is composed of a broad and diverse set of small and mid-size businesses with industry-recognized space technical expertise and, alongside the Government, is positioned to excel in all its assigned roles. The team is specifically built to be fast and responsive to minimize schedule and reduce schedule risk.

Craig Technologies will provide the Dynetics team with Engineering Design, Development, Production and Qualification of Ground and Flight Oxidizer, Fuel and Purge Gas Quick Disconnects and Umbilical Release Mechanisms for the Decent/Accent Element (DAE) and the Modular Propellant Vehicle (MPV) Propulsion System to the DHLS. Craig will also provide Mechanical, Electrical, Fluid Heating/Cooling/Pumping and Propellant Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and Servicing Systems as well as Handling/Processing Fixtures to support DHLS pad processing. Lastly, Craig will provide Systems Engineering, CAD and 2D engineering as well as all analysis and integration support to meet performance and functional requirements and analysis up to PDR (Preliminary Design Review) to 30% engineering release. The aforementioned work will take place at Craig Technologies facilities in Brevard County, Florida.