Craig Technologies is pleased to announce that they are part of a small business winning team for Joint Operations and Integrated Systems Technology (JOIST).

JOIST helps the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Flight Operations Directorate (FOD) develop and sustain specialized IT software, systems, and provide support.
Craig Technologies will be providing services as a subcontractor to Rothe Development Inc. headquartered in San Antonia, Texas. The JOIST contract includes the following three risk-based tiers of development, sustaining, and maintenance for software, systems, and support:

  • Tier 1: Highly-Specialized Operations Systems Technology, Software and Support
  • Tier 2: Management and Mission Support Services
  • Tier 3: Advanced Research and Development Technology Support

Craig Technologies will provide support across the spectrum of requirements over the 5 year life of the contract. Founder and CEO of Craig Technologies, Carol Craig: “We see this important relationship with Rothe as a significant step in building our Houston portfolio in support of NASA requirements. JOIST joins existing and upcoming contracts that make Houston and JSC specifically a focus of Craig support.”